Gallery Shot of  'Repeat After Me'.


High Rise, 06/12, photocopy banner, work discusses social housing and class systems, Shown in ‘Repeat After Me’.

Lorne Crescent , 06/12, site specific work on Lorne Crescent, Carlisle. Small handmade clay houses left at various points in the buildings on Lorne Crescent, Shown in ‘Repeat After Me’.



Place vi, 06/12, Photocopy - Size A2 , Shown in ‘Repeat After Me’.





Place ii - 'Repeat After Me'.


Place i, 06/12, Photograph, series of works looking at the placement of the small houses in the outside world. Many left for the public to find others are photography works.


Work 38, 06/12, development of work 37 investigating rigid repetitive line. Shown in 'Repeat After Me'.


Work 38.


Work 38.


Work 68, 06/12, site specific work shown in ‘Repeat After Me’.


Gallery shot from ‘Repeat After Me’.


Work 37, 03/12, 1706 MDF houses on an 8x4 board. Housed made from MDF and arranged in a street pattern in the board that’s raised from the ground by sawhorses. The work references model making in architecture and town planning while discussing mass production and capitalism.


Work 37.


Work 37.


Number 16 – exposed, 02/12, Screen print on paper, print blocked to look like a photograph that’s been over exposed in some ways.


Jelly Roll, 01/12, screen print on fabric. Printing Number 64 on fabric to reference the mills and producing a physical work that inhabits the space as a vertical object. .


Number 64, 01/12, digital print; print looking at repetition and mass production of housing in Carlise due to the industrialisation of the mills in the 1800. Considering the houses of the mill workers as a product of capitalism and mass production.


James Green and Bobbin Gallery Shot of ‘Way this up’.




Gallery Shot of C'est n'ai pas une orange.


Gallery Shot of C'est n'ai pas une orange .


Primary 4 ii 05/11, food colouring, fine liner and paper.

Primary 4 i, 04/11, MDF, paint and fine liner, one of two works in a group show at Edinburgh sculpture workshop. These works are the result of a drawing workshop with a class of 8 year olds based on architecture. The drawings made during the workshop are used as source materials and are developed and used to make the works. Shown in ‘C’est n’ai pas une orange’.


City, 03/11, soil and wood, The work considers the relationship between utopian architecture and nature. By constructing the utopian skyline on such a small scale the viewer is invited to take on the role of the architect or creator. The unidentifiable buildings in this uniform city are open to the viewer’s idea of the perfect utopian city.


Silver Now i, 1/11, photograph, A series of photographs considering the theme of home using the buildings being torn down in Silverknowes in Edinburgh. Looking at the homes people have left with many belongings in them giving an abandoned, time capsule feel to these boarded up flats.


Silver now ii.


Oil and Ink, 1/11, oil and cooking oil in water filled tumbler, Photography piece looking at the change of state between the liquids and the idea of this change as a ‘drawing’.


Scent of Home, 12/10, one of two works for exhibition themed ‘home and houses’ using the artist’s memories Singleton bottles up the scent of her childhood home for gallery goers to experience. Shown in ‘Pop Up Housing’ in 2011.


Bus Route 47, 10/10, Paper collage, Repetitive image of iconic buildings from the Number 47 bus route as travelled by the artist .


Monumental i.


Monumental iii.


Monumental vi.


Paper Flowers, 11/09, Pencil and oil bar on paper, Drawing of a piece of paper on paper, Shown in ‘The Great Big Art Show’ in 2011.